Payroll - Confidentially processing all of your employment requirements

Papertrails Bookkeepers have experience in looking after all Payroll facets.

Running a payroll can be a specialized function within your business and result in costly training and software. There is always the concern that the person running your payroll will be absent or move on.

We will take away the headache of processing all your payslips for weekly, fortnightly and monthly employees with all of the necessary deductions and allowances from the information provided by you.

  • We can provide weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll services.
  • All salaries and wages are calculated on information supplied by you.
  • Deductions are calculated and payslips printed.
  • PAYE / SDL / UIF (EMP201) returns are calculated and completed for submission to the local SARS office via the efiling services.
  • We can assist you with the registration of registered of PAYE,SDL and UIF.

We can also assist you in keeping records of employees leave and other details in their files.


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